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Gene Genie

September 21, 2012


There’s a new fad in psychology and psychotherapy to discount the role of genes in many psychological disorders because they’ve been unable to link any specific gene with predisposition to disorders like schizophrenia and depression, and the resulting lack of a perfect cure for these debilitating disorders.  To my somewhat jaded eye, this bears a […]

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Blowing Up The Middle East

September 13, 2012


How did one moron manage to fuck shit up so badly?  There is no way buffoonery of this magnitude can be perpetrated by a normal human being.  It’s one of those cosmic fuckups, where your scheme seems so brilliant, but the universe pulls the whole thing out of your grasp just to make you watch […]

The Employment Trap: Part II – The Skills Deficit

September 8, 2012


Part 2 of a 2-Part Special Denunciation of Workplace Indignity Part 2 – The Skills Deficit There is an unfortunate and frankly evil lack of willingness today to train employees to do jobs.  This short-sightedness has consequences not only for the employer, but for job seekers.  These effects are poisonous and systemic, and it only […]

The Employment Trap: Part I – An Introduction

September 6, 2012


Part 1 of a 2-Part Special Denunciation of Workplace Indignity This is an introduction to get readers up to speed with my thinking on the subject of workplace control and dignity.  Part 2 discusses the important ramifications of skills for entry-level employment and how learning to answer phones, upsell customers, or wash dishes for low […]

Conspiracy, and the Disease of Reflexive Cynicism

September 3, 2012


Reflexive thinking seems to pervade the landscape.  The causes are unclear, but its existence is undeniable.  We jump to conclusions, we utilize stereotypes, and all other manner of mental shorthand in order to come to decisions about people, things, and potential courses of action.  With more information than what can be reasonably processed in the […]