I made a game…. (Infiniflapper Announcement)

Posted on 30 May, 2016



I spent about 60 or so hours since October of 2015 in Unity creating this.  I call it “Infiniflapper“.  It is a 3d “Flappy Bird” clone I conceived of to help me learn to use Unity.  I took some time out of learning programming to learn how to use Unity, since the point of learning programming, for me, is to learn how to create games.  All the scripting was done in C#, and there was a lot more of it in the end than I had anticipated going in.

The core gameplay feature set was implemented pretty much as soon as it was written late in 2015.  However, as I spent time learning Unity, I was compelled to do several rewrites.  The project was abandoned for a few months earlier this year, only to be picked back up a couple weeks prior to this post.  Today’s release is the culmination of months of learning and working, and I hope a small step towards larger and more ambitious projects to come.  It’s not the best game, in fact it’s probably not even a good game, technically speaking, but I hope you derive some enjoyment from it.


  • Endlessly generating obstacle course.
  • One button gameplay.
  • Public domain arrangements of public domain ragtime music.
  • Fart noises.
  • Programmer art.

Download v. 0.13.01